Effects of ergocalciferol added calcium on the risk of falls in elderly high-risk women.

‘Effects of ergocalciferol added calcium on the risk of falls in elderly high-risk women, ‘Richard L. Prince,. Nicole Austin, Amanda Devine, Ian M. David Bruce, Kun Zhu Arch Intern Med 2008; 168 :103-108 Click here.

During the study, 53 percent of vitamin D2 women and 62.9 percent of placebo women had at least one fall. They found that vitamin D2 therapy reduces the risk of having at least one fall by 19 percent, even after taking into account such variables as height. The researchers wrote: ‘If are grouped those who fell through the season, the first fall or the number of falls had, ergocalciferol treatment reduced the risk with the first case in winter and spring but not in summer and autumn , and reduced the risk of a crash but not severe falls.All women with GDM diagnosed with to diabetes should soon after its supply and be investigated periodically thereafter, These ladies by by changes in lifestyle such dietary changes and in physical activity lessen reduce the diabetes risk, ‘said Xiang. ‘Our study shows that preventing Messaging although important for all women who develop GDM, are particularly important to African American women. ‘.. African – In African-American women increased the risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

GDM has as glucose intolerance, at regular intervals after throughout the during the second or third trimester and most often in Asia / Pacific Rangers and of at least to African American women spreads GDM can result in complications such as early delivery and caesarean and increased the baby’s the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases in later life.

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