EDP Biotech Corporation.

ColoMarker assay achieves completely detection rate for colon cancers Marking a significant milestone in the first detection and administration of colon cancer, EDP Biotech Corporation , a programmer of immunodiagnostic tests pertaining to animals and humans, announced today that its ColoMarker assay attained 100 % detection rate for colon cancers presented in stages We through III in pre-clinical trials http://dmae.xyz/ . ColoMarker may be the first assay of its kind to enable both early detection screening and patient administration features, presenting the potential to save lots of time, cash and, most of all, lives. ColoMarker could radically change just how we detect and treat colon cancer, stated Kevin Jones, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of EDP.


Though scientists aren’t sure of the exact reason, they suspect that crowded living circumstances and the posting of utensils, drinking cigarettes and glasses are contributing factors. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends that first-year college students have the meningitis vaccine, which is usually safe, highly effective and provides 3 to 5 years of protection. Many states, including NJ and Pennsylvania, require that all incoming students living on college campuses either possess a vaccination or sign a waiver stating they choose never to be vaccinated for this disease.

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