Designed for the treating the lysosomal storage space disorder Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IVA.

‘The reconstruction procedure can be painful for a few women, and we are pleased to look for a real way to help ease that pain,’ stated Julio Hochberg, M.D., professor of medical procedures in the division of cosmetic surgery in the UAMS University of Medicine, research co-author. Co-author and Hochberg V. Suzanne Klimberg, M.D., professor of procedure and pathology and chief of the division of breasts medical oncology in the UAMS University of Medicine, between July 2001 and February 2004 carried out the study. Klimberg can be director of the Breasts Cancer System at UAMS’ Arkansas Cancers Research Center. The analysis included 56 individuals who underwent mastectomy with cells expanders accompanied by implant placement – – 30 with Botox and 26 without. Both groups were similar in age group, tumor size and expander size.Certification guideline opens door for wellness IT vendors, but other regs lag Your final regulation for a temporary program to certify agencies to sell health IT systems will be published Thursday in the Federal government Register, NextGov reports. Certification is important because it gives healthcare providers the self-confidence that items will function correctly, meet meaningful use criteria and improve quality of care, the article states.

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