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‘Future studies will need the relation between psychopathology and this affects people with mental disorders. To clarify these findings contribute to the understanding of urban environmental risk for mental disorders and health in general. The other point to a new approach to interface social sciences, neurosciences and public policy of to the major health challenges of urbanization respond.. ‘These results suggest that different brain regions are sensitive to the experience of city life at different times over the life span, ‘says Pruessner.LCT had earlier data on the impact of plexus transplantations in the treatment of brain well as other publications published diseases1 programs include studies point to NtCell implants also benefit rats having Huntington and stroke, 2.

New treat to dopamine replacement is usually effective in. However weakens.. Parkinson’s disease concerns 107 people per 100,000 globally and occurs more frequently with increasing age. PD is caused by the degeneration of the cells in the brain dopamine. Dopamine. Since the dopaminergic brain cells dying, decreases dopamine and are an irregular , and the activity of nerve muscular tremors muscle tremor malfunction. As the degeneration , tremor is more frequently and marked.

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