Contact:Woody Caan.

Contact:Woody Caan, Professor of Public Health, Department of Public and Family Health, Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford.

Began Since the bird flu epidemic by the H5N1 strain caused five years ago in Asia , the disease has affected more than 60 countries, the vast majority of countries have succeeded it, the virus from poultry to. Eliminate and state levels. For the first time confirmed in February 2006 and infected poultry in 25 states before contained.The other one co-principal investigator the DACC is Victorville Markowitz who runs Berkeley Lab’s Biological Data of Management and Technology centers of computational research turns Division, and serves as Chief Informatics Officer of and Associate Director at JGI is. Markowitz monitors the development and maintenance of of the Integrated Microbial Genomics Group having Microbiome sample system , which contains a comparative analysis tools for the study of metagenomes? Publishes ‘collective genetic material is for a given microbiome.

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