Committed to remain socially.

Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s. For more information, please visit.. To stay mentally active by puzzles Stay socially active Eat ‘brain healthy ‘food steps you can take your risks your risks – Watch your numbersblood pressure – desirable blood pressure less than 120/80 mmHgblood sugar – desirable fasting blood glucose less than 100 mg / dLof body weight – you keep your weight in the recommended rangecholesterol – desirable total cholesterol below 200 mg / dL – Make healthy lifestyle choices to choose:Stay mentally active.Committed to remain socially.Stay physically active.Reduce your intake of fat and cholesterol.

A recent survey by the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Heart Association has shown expressed that concern among African Americans, two of three on developing heart disease, and two of five expressed concern about the development of Alzheimer’s. However, only about one in 20 are aware that heart health is linked to brain health.The research by a team of the University of Rochester Medical Center, as the covering published products in January issue of journal Developmental Cell identify a molecule which is key to determining how the cells penetrate and Last fabric is. The process which power Crab so deadly , has understand very difficult of scientists for plenty of deep to interrupt the spread of cancerous the spread of cancer.

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