Colonoscopy reduces mortality from colorectal cancer For the very first time.

Zauber, PhD, a biostatistician at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Tumor-like growths called adenomatous polyps will be the most common abnormality found during colonoscopy screening and also have the potential to be cancerous. Previous study from these investigators demonstrated that removal of the polyps prevented colorectal cancers but it was not known whether the cancers prevented were potentially lethal. Experts evaluated the long-term outcomes of 2,602 patients enrolled in the National Polyp Study who experienced precancerous polyps eliminated during colonoscopy.Tavaborole may be the first drug inside our pipeline to reach this important milestone, and I'd like to acknowledge and thank the complete Anacor team because of their hard work, dedication and persistence.’ Anacor announced previously this year that tavaborole achieved statistically significant and clinically meaningful outcomes on all principal and secondary endpoints in two Stage 3 pivotal studies of tavaborole to treat onychomycosis topically without concomitant debridement. The only currently FDA-approved topical treatment for onychomycosis is definitely approved with concomitant nail debridement, and presently approved oral therapies have been connected with rare but serious security issues.. CfPIE announces two new training courses for life science professionals Agendas concentrate on strengthening regulatory recognition for pharmaceutical and biotechnology experts in Europe The Center for Professional Innovation and Education offers announced two fresh EU regulations training courses for life science professionals.

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