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Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated that there could be broader dermal applications for JVS-100, including treatment of chronic ulcers and burns. ‘Following our original publication demonstrating the cardiovascular therapeutic prospect of SDF-1 following a heart attack, several groups have gone to present that the SDF-1 restoration pathway is certainly well-conserved in a broad selection of end-organ systems, including the brain, kidney, peripheral vasculature, and dermis,’ said Marc Penn, M.D., Ph.D. Who’s the company’s Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the Skirball Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Laboratory at Cleveland Clinic. Our 35 spinoffs have finally secured nearly half a billion dollars in collateral financing, a real marketplace endorsement of the grade of the technology developed by Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists,’ said Chris Coburn, Executive Director for Cleveland Clinic Innovations.More H1N1 insurance coverage at Some Schools Using H1N1 Isolation Dorms CDC Not Immune to H1N1 How H1N1 Can Kill H1N1 Flu: 10 Things You Need to Know The new report targets lab-verified swine flu deaths reported through Aug. 8. The CDC hasn’t been able to do as comprehensive an analysis of instances which have come in since that time, stated Dr. Cynthia Moore, a CDC medical officer who was simply among the study’s co-authors. Through Aug. 8, there have been 477 total swine flu deaths, including 36 in children. No more than 20 % of these children were age 4 or younger. That’s uncommon: Frequently 50 % or more of seasonal flu deaths are in infants and toddlers, who’ve much less mature immune systems and smaller air passages and are generally in more risk from respiratory infections.

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