Halloween celebrations can and cause serious injury

Halloween celebrations can and cause serious injury. Adults lead considering wear colored contacts as part of their costume make sure that they are endowed by a professional. Colored lenses can be purchased without proper examinations and fittings cornea scratches, infections and potential blindness . Only Optometrists are licensed in Illinois authorized to prescribe contact lenses and banned retailers sell lenses without a valid prescription. Shops lenses without a prescription can be served with an injunction and civil penalties may also be subject to $ 10,000. Stopping unlicensed practice is always a challenge, but performing compliance audit at this time of the year and the imposition of the maximum fine for each violation is of retailers who of retailers who are breaking the law but find the profits difficult difficult, said Daniel E. Bluthardt, Director of the Division of Professional Regulation with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. We will invest to continue to resources in cutting off the supply of non-prescription cosmetic contact lenses and hope to reduction in the number to of of the infections. Children should nothe following tips for a safe Halloween.

To download a free, online brochure of this report, visit here.night, but itafe HalloweenTo ensure that everyone has a safe Halloween this year, State Public Health Director Dr. Damon T. Arnold some warnings for children and adults. Halloween can be a fun and exciting night, but it can also be dangerous There are many safety issues you have in choosing a costume, trick-or – treating, decorating and go, ‘said Dr. Continue reading

Wound-healing gene Healing Of Skin controls in fruit flies and mammalsUniversity of California.

Wound-healing gene Healing Of Skin controls in fruit flies and mammalsUniversity of California, San Diego biologists and their colleagues have discovered that the genetic system controlling the development and repair of insect cuticle, the outer layer of the body surface in insects – also controls these processes in mammalian skin, a finding that could lead to new insights into the healing of wounds and treatment of cancer.

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– Serious and sometimes life-threatening or fatal allergic / anaphylactoid reactions have occurred in the infusion. For to treat such reactions as well as emergency equipment, should be immediately used.

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