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Notes:The research team led by Dr.

This work was supported by the Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Program of the National Science Foundation . Also, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang investigators are assigned to a new grant from the NSF Biomaterials program this year. Of inkjetew project , they want to use the newly developed 3D tissue model to evaluate the efficacy of inkjet – printed prevent infection to assess biomaterials.. Notes:The research team led by Dr. Woo Lee, George Meade Bond Professor in Chemical Engineering and is Materials Science, Dr. Hongjun Wang, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Joung – Hyun Lee, Research Associate and 2010 Ph.D. Graduate of Stevens and Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, associate Professor in the Department of Oral Biology at New Jersey Dental School. Joung – Hyun Lee, as the first author of this paper, used her background in microfabrication to the conditions for growing of bone tissue in the microfluidic device channels while integrating functions discover in the laboratories of Lee, Wang, and Kaplan.

The researchers published paper is a preliminary demonstration of dynamic microfluidic cell cultures and work will to establish the lab a successful applications of the technology and processes. Continue reading

Preventive use as cholesterol screening.

– health insurance for the age group 18-64.The Chartbook reflects current health priorities. Each state profile on the Healthy People 2010 target shows for the display and if the target is met. Trends in health: – Healthy People 2010 is a comprehensive, nationwide health promotion and disease prevention agenda to improve the health of all people in the United States during the first decade of the 21st Century information in Chartbook drawn from healthy women and mortality, the electronic data warehouse to minorities and women’s health at the site extensive data on the Chartbook indicators and many other health issues , and the National Center the National Center CDC for Health Statistics with, support the HHS Office on women’s Health.

The indicators chosen for the report those that at the state level at the state level, suicide, wide range of health concerns, representing a wide spectrum of disease types and cover the entire life of women, from young adults to older women. Continue reading

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