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Also in the early stages of tumor development.

The study points to the existence of reliable biomarkers for determining a tumor probability of metastatic , also in the early stages of tumor development, the authors write. ‘We have shown that these genes are not only loosely with metastatic activity in melanoma cells correlated, but a functional role in the development cells to be and to remain metastasized, ‘Chin. Remarks Such genes are not only for prognostic tests that indicate the likely course of a disease, but also as targets for therapies that may interfere with the metastatic process in cancer cells valuable.

The screening yielded 11 genes that had a direct influence on the penetrating ability of the cells. As experimental models may not always reflect what happens in practice, patients, researchers next explored the activity of these genes in human melanomas. Six of them, they found that increasing the activity of a cell ‘s identity has been linked as malignant and metastatic. We found that all six of these abnormal genes are oncogenic, which means that they can normal melanocyte skin cells turn into cancer cells, melanoma cells, In addition, patients remains to melanoma those six these six oncogenes probably metastases. . Continue reading

Which are updated annually.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has published its response to the public consultation on the Veterinary Medicines Regulations, which are updated annually.The new regulations, which come into force in April 2011, the introduction of new controls on internet pharmacies means sacrificing that only approved websites will be legally allowed and supply veterinary medicinal products. The checks will come into force in April the BVA the BVA supports the use of a logo to help to approved websites, consumers buy medicines from reputable sources.

We therefore VMD VMD ‘s decision crackdown on irresponsible online retailers and a clear logo for approved websites that give pet owners confidence. the the VMD, a stop to the growing problem of prescription fraud and we hope that the tighter regulation announced today is a step towards achieving that goal. Continue reading

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