Canada about to ban bulk sales of medications to U.

This has triggered a boom in Internet pharmacies which sell medicines to Americans, without Canadian doctors seeing the patients or signing their prescriptions often. Dosanjh says though many bills to permit foreign medication imports are presently before the U.S. Congress, Canada doesn’t have the products to meet a vast increase in demand from south of the border. Threats to halt shipments to Canada attended from pharmaceutical companies if the medications are simply just shipped back to america and sold at amounts that undercut U.S. Prices. Dosanjh spokesman Ken Polk wouldn’t normally touch upon the report. He simply says that any bundle of methods will reflect the minister’s abiding concern with protecting the Canadian supply of prescription medicines, protecting the Canadian drug pricing regime, along with restricting the practice of co-signing prescriptions for Americans.CBS TODAY Healthwatch Dallas nurse who cared for deceased Ebola patient contracts virus A healthcare employee who treated Thomas Eric Duncan at a Texas hospital has been diagnosed with Ebola. The CDC says there is a breach in protocol. ‘When people are afraid, everything appears like it should be an Ebola outbreak and the government is responsible,’ he said. Regardless of the stress and anxiety, Jacobson said it is critical to keep carefully the virus in perspective. The government is taking reasonable techniques to contain the outbreak, he said, and the coordination with local and state wellness officials is working more often than not.

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