Can vegetables could help to avoid cervical cancer?

‘If this trial is successful, a method could be provided by it for preventing cervical cancer tumor which is far less invasive than existing therapies.’.. Can vegetables could help to avoid cervical cancer? Researchers in South Wales are investigating the possibility that a chemical substance called Diindolylmethane , which is situated in broccoli usually, sprouts and cabbage, may help to avoid cervical cancer. Many situations of cervical cancer can be completely prevented if they are found at a very early stage by screening with smear assessments. The smear test picks up cancerous changes which are often treated surgically pre.The open forum will allow participants to post questions or comments about the entire cases, engage in discussion, and compare methods. ‘Understanding the outcomes of tumor molecular profiling research is challenging, and the field of malignancy genomics is certainly changing with new details being generated at a dizzying pace rapidly,’ stated ASCO Chief Medical Officer Richard L. Schilsky, MD, FACP, FASCO. ‘All oncologists struggle to maintain abreast of these details and to discover ways to use tumor molecular profiling to provide high-quality, personalized cancer care.

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