But the health of the nation as a whole.

This grant will help us to maximize our efforts in the use of simulation technology in the production of new and further development of current RNs in Florida, said Brunell. If we do not deal with our shortage of nurses now have to do is not only to patient care in our region is at stake, but the health of the nation as a whole. .

Through Partners invest in the future of nursing initiative directors are hoping that local and regional foundations to create a domino effect – where innovative ideas are tested locally and nationally exponential exponential effect on the labor shortage. To develop solutions and lead efforts within Florida, The Blue Foundation has adopted a two-year grant of $ 250 its fourth year, use of simulation technology in Florida nurse education excellent. The grant from The Blue Foundation will be matched by funds from BCBSF.The new insights the door open to this research. – ‘One of the most most important things we can not understand even is the evolution from language, ‘Northwich wrote.

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