But last week decided the Cabinet.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga ordered cabinet negotiate officials and legislators with church leaders to reach an agreement on the abortion language, but last week decided the Cabinet, it was too late to make changes , however. Added the presidential that the government potentially law changes in the future church leaders dispel .

It is essential officials threatened draft constitution over abortion provision refuseChurch leaders in Kenya threaten to abandon the country new draft constitution – which the country applicable law prohibits abortion when the woman’s life would danger danger – because they claim it will eventually the legalization of the procedure, the AP / Los Angeles Times reports lead. Hundreds of thousands of women still seek them each year, according to the Times. The draft constitution will go before the voters in a referendum, possibly in June or July.Joe accessed says that black men underestimated suicide rate because she would targeted in behavior which would probably result in death may interference. Such behavior such behavior suicidal, unlikely to that uncertain information over black masculine suicide because of these cases. Joe said, mental health problems,young black men do at suicide behavior which do not to death, and adding that to the young people, it is essential to understand, You are get involved in risk of suicide.

A free service of The Henry J. Publishes. Kaiser Family Foundation.. According to Joe, many black men have are reluctant to because of psychological problems for mental health problems because of stigmatized against suicide and mental illness in the black community. Black men are well as less likely because of want of confidence in the medical system and providers Preferences and about the effectiveness of spiritual seek services. Said the ‘ said the ‘major challenge ‘in the prevention suicide of in in black men has ‘repaint black masculinity in general and the manner in where human beings perceive of what it means to seek help for mental health problems, ‘added ‘this extent to we help to reducing which stigma about and tried to be understood humans and in that it is not looking for help seek help for their problems have a major influence in our ability to this communion ‘.

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