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But also found that also found that close to major organizational changes, there are steps to take the care physicians can help people with dementia and their families women with PCOS . Based on interviews with 40 primary care physicians in Northern California, the study looked at a variety of practical limitations, including lower reimbursement, lack of teamwork and rushed doctor visits. The Principal Investigator is Ladson Hinton, associate professor at the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. – ‘Our study underscores layer after layer of issues that contribute to a growing public health crisis, in which patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s are concerned,’said Hinton. ‘The current system is not just set to meet up to their needs. These structural pressures are clearly very important, but we found that physicians often omit simple help help families find help for behavioral problems, such as a referral to the local Alzheimer’s society or the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center, at 438-4380. This lack ofterviews identified these systemic constraints to good care for people with dementia and their families, lack of adequate time for low reimbursement Difficult access and communication with specialists and social services lack of a multidisciplinary team approach ? the doctors told questioned, it is difficult to care of people with dementia in the standard 15 minutes allotted in the rule for appointments. This lack of time and the subsequent not systematically assess behavioral problems can their detection and treatment to a time of crisis delay, according to the study.

Because of their relative familiarity with dementia, family doctors often consultations seek with specialists such as neurologists and , but often, but often find it difficult to do so because of the limited availability and cumbersome referral processes, the study. Access to specialists by certain insurance plans, Improved mental health outsourced benefits at a mental health manager complicated. Under this system, patients are required to own appointments. I do not have very many patients who have been successful in the system, and they had to be very persistent, said a doctor. It really is a hard system the way it is set up. Better education and support for families to be more proactive in the preparation of requests for such treatments is one of the study authors ‘ suggestions for improving the care of patients with dementia improvement in care may also have medical training in the management of behavior problems. And availability of community services and agencies will be achieved. In larger practices, could dementia teams formed to be the managing complex cases. Improved medical coding that more accurately reflects time could could also help patients and their families, the study. It is probable ambitious reforms include increasing reimbursement for the treatment of patients with serious behavioral complexity and the creation of incentives for providing comprehensive, albeit expensive to care prior to expensive and subsequent results such as the institutionalization. Delay Without improvements dementia in primary care is likely to continue to fall short of good standards of care, the researchers state. As a result, persons with dementia, especially those with difficult behavior problems, unnecessary psychotropic drugs and an increased risk of institutionalization will be exposed. .

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