BK Medical introduces the Pro Concentrate UltraView ultrasound system BK Medical.

BK Medical introduces the Pro Concentrate UltraView ultrasound system BK Medical, a owned subsidiary of Analogic Company wholly, launches its brand-new, full-featured ultrasound program, the Pro Concentrate UltraView, for the surgical and urological ultrasound marketplaces. This high-performance ultrasound program uses BK Medical’s brand-new IQPAC technology to supply premium images that produce a diagnostic difference. IQPAC technology combines BK Medical’s proprietary Enhanced Cells Definition and Angular Substance Imaging technology to optimize the ultrasound picture http://tadalafil-nz.net http://tadalafil-nz.net .


In the next of BIDMC’s PCF Problem Awards, a scientific group led by Steven Balk, MD, PhD, an investigator in BIDMC’s Division of Hematology/Oncology and Professor of Medication at Harvard Medical College, will continue to work on research to recognize and exploit mechanisms of response and level of resistance to therapeutics fond of the androgen receptor pathway. We desire to learn why sufferers invariably become resistant to Abiraterone acetate, cure found in advanced prostate-cancer instances pursuing chemotherapy, says Balk. If we are able to determine why this treatment ultimately stops working, we are better equipped to create far better and targeted therapy for metastatic treatment-resistant disease, the lethal stage of prostate cancer in charge of approximately 30,000 deaths each year.

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