Binding of homomultimeric endocytic adapter GAIP interacting protein C-terminus.

Doi: 10.1371/journal.1000025 Click here to to see articles online.. Binding of homomultimeric endocytic adapter GAIP interacting protein C-terminus, one member selectively connected to the SEA motive Nrp1 stimulates internalization of active a5b1 in Rab5-positive early endosomes. Accordingly supports GIPC1 acting with a5b1 and the associated motor myosin VI . A5b1 active endocytosis and EC adhesion to fibronectin Finally, they propose that in addition to and independent of its role as a co-receptor for VEGF – A165 and Sema3A, stimulated by its cytoplasmic domain the spreading of ECs on fibronectin by increasing the Rab5/GIPC1 / MYO6 – dependent internalization of active a5b1. Nrp1 modulation a5b1 integrin function, a causal role in the development of angiogenesis defects observed in Nrp1 0 mice play.

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