Astra Zeneca proud to support the were Young Minds in Psychiatry continued continue.

The study is a follow-up on some of the previous researchers work – originally published in 2007 – was the babies and their parents when the children learned benefits benefited through various behavioral techniques.

Price told Reuters Health that the new results show the techniques are safe for children older than six months old. In terms of in terms of possible damage to the research, which it answered ‘the questions fully conclusive. Six year olds’I think they saw it from all sides, and we needed this kind of long-term study ‘Khatwa, in the new in the new research, said in an interview.‘Astra Zeneca proud to support the ‘ were Young Minds in Psychiatry ‘ – continued continue, and we are very pleased that greater international coverage which Young Minds awards was kept this year, ‘said Dr. Hans Eriksson, Medical Science Director, AstraZeneca. ‘We hope that the awards promote more researchers located in psychiatric research, with the aim about will find new ways to handle this devastating illness. We would like congratulating the winners in join the APAs, and wish you best of luck with its research pursuits and professional career in a psychiatric. ‘.

Director of the Division of Research at American psychiatric Association and executive director American Psychiatric the Institute for Research and Education .. Also won a 2008 Young Minds in Psychiatry Award are Nuria Cruz, Spanish on their proposal to explore the predictors of long-term polarities stability of in the first episode bipolar patients, Johannes Hamann, Germany to develop for its proposal O communication training given patient schizophrenic so that they participate in at treating decisions, Manpreet Singh, U.S.

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