An international organization in 1920.

The Union announced a successful trial of a TB vaccine against tuberculosis in HIV – infected patients to preventThe International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease , an international organization in 1920 , founded combat TB and global lung health, announced today the successful results of a study on the candidatevaccine TB HIV-infected patients.

Inseparable as a matter of fact, tuberculosis and HIV, as the risk of developing tuberculosis in people who are HIV interwoven a lifetime risk. HIV infection greatly increases the risk of active tuberculosis in people who carry Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Today, one can develop in five HIV-infected individuals who have a weakened immune system strong active active TB in a 12-month period, where this is a very high risk.Responsive to the threat from the H5N1 avian flu the ready ready ready for the past five years. There are variations on a national and regional, but also transparency of and communication between said World Health Organization, governments, health authorities, the general public and media is vital.

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