Amniotic fluid might be a new source of stem cells For the first time.

Amniotic fluid might be a new source of stem cells For the first time, scientists show that amniotic fluid could be a potential new way to obtain stem cells for therapeutic applications. On February 12 The analysis was prepublished online, 2009, in Bloodstream, the state journal of the American Culture of Hematology. Building on observations made by other scientists, our research group wondered whether stem cells could possibly be detected in amniotic fluid here . We looked at the capacity of these cells to form new bloodstream cells both inside and outside the body, and compared their characteristics to other well-known sources of stem cells also, said senior study author Marina Cavazzana-Calvo, MD, Ph.D., of INSERM, the nationwide French institute for health insurance and biomedical research.

Amiodarone hepatoxicity Liver and lung toxicity associated with the use of amiodarone is uncommon but potentially life-threatening. Hepatotoxicity may be reversible if the medication is ceased as as toxicity is suspected shortly. Remember Amiodarone hepatotoxicity may appear on low-dose amiodarone therapy even. There is a significant mortality and morbidity . It can present as chronic or acute liver disease, early or late in the course of therapy . The risk increases with higher dosages and much longer durations of therapy. The indication for amiodarone ought to be other and reviewed agents considered. Monitoring of liver function lab tests is recommended throughout the period of amiodarone therapy and for 12 months beyond cessation.e.

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