Also known as river blindness.

Catherine Cross was for the award by their peers in the global public health nominations announced in recognition of their important contributions and sustained leadership in the fight against the potentially blinding condition of onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness. – Ken Gustavsen, Director, Global Health Partnerships, Merck & Co. Commented: ‘We congratulate Catherine Cross on her selection for the award of their unique vision and commitment are an example to all those who donate to the success of the Mectizan program.

.. It is estimated that as many as blind or severely blind or severely visually impaired through river blindness. An additional 18 million people are currently believed to be infected. But it is a disease that potentially can be used as a public health problem with the right municipal level treatment programs are eliminated. Last year Sightsavers supported the treatment of 20 million adults and children in 12 African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Mali. Ltd. Has worked with international networks and organizations, like the World Bank and the World Health Organization and governments, NGOs and the private sector the the goal of eradicating river blindness by the year 2020.This systematic verification place is insufficient evidence for the application of metformin, a drug used to treating type 2 diabetic and polycystic ovarian syndrome uses support because to treatment of overweight or obese adults,. Any diabetes or polycystic ovary syndrome.

At 5:30 general public for seismic / the tsunami Relief Effort Planning For Japan.

Shinobu Watanabe – Galloway, professor of epidemiology to UNMC College of Public Health , leads UNMC response to the disastrous 9.0 earthquake 11.

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