All articles published this week in the journal illustrate these priorities to treat premature ejaculation.

All articles published this week in the journal illustrate these priorities to treat premature ejaculation . Research research section, the following items are published: Anders Bjorkman and colleagues ‘trial rapid diagnostic tests for malaria diagnosis in Zanzibar, Majid Ezzati and colleagues study of U.S. Data on risk factor exposures and disease-specific mortality and Matthias Egger and colleagues ‘ comparison of mortality rates between African patients starting HIV treatment and the general population. ‘s magazine section describes a Health in Action article of Yibeltal Assefa and colleagues scale-up of antiretroviral therapy in Ethiopia, Bruno Marchal and colleagues argue ofat strategies to strengthen health systems and selective, and Daniel Reidpath and colleagues use the fourth Millennium Development Goal as an example of the potential of the equity in the race to reach the MDGs neglect. In the conclusion of the editorial, the editors say, We our our new, evidence-based approach not only ensure that open – access publishing reflects the health priorities of the 21st century, but also to reaffirm and revitalize the long tradition of leading medical journals, rather than after, the debate on research priorities – funding supports supports No specific means, the production of this article.

While advances in treatment are increasingly enable people with cancer to live longer than ever before, have different needs for follow-up of nearly 12 million cancer survivors gone largely ignored. With the aging baby boomer population, this number more than exponentially as more than 60 % of people are diagnosed with cancer Medicare age. Vice-chairman Cancer Care Improvement Act contains a number of provisions that would integrate a system of initially with symptom management and the promotion foster more communication between cancer survivors and their doctors. Take care with the reform Medicare to promote planning and coordination, the law would significantly improve the quality of cancer care in the United States. – ‘This law is an important first step towards significantly improved cancer care in America,’said Congresswoman Lois Capps , a registered nurse and vice-chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. ‘As we look to be too aggressive for a cure for cancer further, we must invest in comprehensive care and improved treatment plans for patients and survivors. I hope this bipartisan, common sense bill moves quickly through the legislative process and becomes law, so we can ensure that all cancer patients receive the quality care they deserve. ‘.

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