According to William P finasteride.

According to William P. Bozeman, an emergency medicine physician at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, some of these deaths may be caused by an abnormal heart compounded condition called long QT syndrome, characterized by a situation of Excited Delirium syndrome. – ‘Why do people get confused, agitated and violent, and then suddenly drop dead This is the big question,’said Bozeman finasteride . ‘This has seen for well over a century, but we have no clear answer. It can be a vital link with future with future research. ‘.

Bozeman said it was a classic case of ExD, and the patient recovers, because the decision of a police officer on the scene. Thanks to the Winston-Salem sergeant who had been trained to recognize excited delirium as a medical crisis, we have had a good result, Bozeman said. He has made the decision to the emergency room to the emergency room instead of him to jail thinking. I, the police saved his life by making this decision. .

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