About Ascenta TherapeuticsAscenta Therapeutics.

About Ascenta TherapeuticsAscenta Therapeutics, has privately held privately held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, and develops new drugs to treat cancer. The company is in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and has a clinical research in Shanghai, Its technology, both from the National Institutes of Health and the laboratory of Dr. Shaomeng Wang at the University of Michigan is licensed, discovery of discovery of that that target proteins to of the cells.

Thirty-eight % of patients had at least a 30 – % decrease in PSA level and 19 % achieved a confirmed PR. Twenty patients had measurable disease, five of whom had has a PR of RECIST criteria, with additional patients achieving entitled to a response. Four patients have the therapy for 6 months or more.In patients who have HIV, the virus is destroys T helper cells. For cancer patients, T-helper cells are also affected. Sub which properties of of the tumor malicious ability to killer T cells has prevented an attack on cancer. It is doing this by. T helper cells of in an oppressed scene, limiting their ability to aid CD8 T-cells, said Andrew Zloza, the leading study authors.

In addition, to receive statements from to the antigen-presenting cells, CD8+ T cell need help in T helper cell for become efficient killer. Without this help may killer T – cells no do their job.

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