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Hiscox, ‘This may have major medical implications for those patients with tumours where there is usually inherently poor intercellular adhesion. In such individuals, oestrogen deprivation with aromatase inhibitors could be a more appropriate treatment’. E-cadherin can be an intercellular adhesion protein very important to maintenance of cell-cell adhesion and tissue integrity. The presence of practical oestrogen receptors has been shown to be essential for its expression..It expands our respiratory item offering with a leading portable, nondelivery oxygen concentrator,’ said Sam Thomas, Chairman, CEO and President of Chart Industries. ‘This purchase combines SeQual’s technology and patient-focused product development capabilities with our global advertising, distribution and operating expertise,’ stated Steve Shaw, President of Chart BioMedical.’ Completion of the purchase, at the mercy of customary closing conditions, of January 2011 is anticipated by the end. This acquisition is expected to become accretive to Chart’s 2011 income, excluding restructuring costs, and if future contingent payments are gained, the accretion to Chart’s earnings will be likely to boost.

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