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Giovanni Lujan, MD, Robert Genta, MD, FACG P439. The Sentinel Fold Revisited: a Clinicopathologic Research of 380 Patients. Shelby Melton, MD, Robert Genta, MD, FACG P637. Incidental Strongyloides stercoralis Disease in Colonoscopic Mucosal Biopsies in the United States. M.H. Saboorian, MD, Guy Lindberg, MD, Robert Genta, MD, FACG P656. Malakoplakia of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Prevalence and Clinicopathological Associations. Guy Lindberg, MD, Robert Genta, MD, FACG, Hossein Saboorian, MD P658.Treasured by Egyptian pharaohs, respected by modern researchersBlack seed oil featured in ancient cultures and was first recorded around 3 prominently,300 years back. A bottle including the oil was within the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen since it was believed to be essential in the afterlife. And Queen Nefertiti used the oil as a beauty treatment to market lustrous hair and beautiful skin. Egyptian physicians would prescribe black seed oil for a variety of complaints such as for example indigestion, headaches, infections and colds. Today, researchers possess rediscovered Nigella sativa and recognize its potent recovery potential.

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