7ts: the Phase 2 study.

The results of the Phase 2 study is on the angiogenesis 2010 will be presented: Clinical Trials meeting on February 20 , 2010 in Miami, Florida. ) 1.7ts: the Phase 2 study.

VEGF Trap-Eye is currently in Phase 3 development in wet macular degeneration . The VIEW 1 study is provided in the U.S. And Canada conducted by Regeneron and the VIEW 2 study will be be conducted in Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Latin America Bayer HealthCare. The primary endpoint of non – inferiority studies is the proportion of patients with VEGF Trap-Eye, to were treated were treated at the end of one year, compared to ranibizumab patients. Enrollment in both studies, with the first year of a primary end point in the second half of 2010 expected complete.But its purpose is have the same. The nation’s capital the nation’s capital witness history, be capable – of years from now, when prompted, Where can have you been when he took office What’s wrong? – Add to react, I was there. The perfect time to we step into in a new era of American policy – as we see the first black Americans for will the 44th president the United States. One another it is time to to take at Statistics to our love of our land and our We are love of are a nation of a good people of all nationalities , which is around the state of our Union it is time that on hands and on the hands and our new government.

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